Overlapping agenda appointments possible on the DayClock

One of the most important features of the DayClock with our subscription is the creation of activities and appointments that appear...

DayClocks in arabic

DayClocks now also in Arabic

DayClocks connects generations and cultures

DayClocks reviews

DayClocks reviews

DayClocks reviews from The Netherlands The company DayClocks was founded in The Netherlands and has its roots there. We have translated...

partner with dementia DayClocks

More overburdened caregivers with partner with dementia

In one of our previous blogs we already wrote about the overburdened caregivers. Elderly are expected to live at home for...

DayClock clarity of structure

Clarity of structure: Dayclocks – not only an innovation for elderly

A story of one of our customers: Some time ago we read an article about DayClocks, a convenient and smart aid to...