DayClocks reviews

29 October 2017

DayClocks reviews from The Netherlands The company DayClocks was founded in The Netherlands and has its roots there. We have translated some of the DayClocks reviews we have received from our +1.500 customers, to give you a better understanding of the value of the DayClock.  Read more for the responses of our customers

More overburdened caregivers with partner with dementia

15 July 2017

In one of our previous blogs we already wrote about the overburdened caregivers. Elderly are expected to live at home for a longer period, which causes an increase in burden on the family caregivers. The Dutch dementia monitor, Dementiemonitor Mantelzorg van Alzheimer Nederland, shows that those with a partner with dementia who still live at … Continued

Clarity of structure: Dayclocks – not only an innovation for elderly

12 July 2017

A story of one of our customers: Some time ago we read an article about DayClocks, a convenient and smart aid to help elderly memorise the day and the schedule, on the website To give a brief explanation: A DayClock is a tablet which serves as a digital list which can be put anywhere in … Continued

Let’s check the DayClock to be sure!

11 July 2017

A great response from one of the users of the DayClock: Son: This is the last visit for the day, dad. Father: Well, let’s first check the DayClock to be sure!

Dementia clock: to regain the loss of daily structure

8 July 2017

Dementia affects the entire family Someone with dementia is not the person you used to know. Always, this happens too quickly. This asks for high adaptability of the family in a short amount of time. As partner, child and/or grandchild you are faced with difficult decisions to be made. In some cultures it is common … Continued

Our ‘dementiaclock’

8 July 2017

An increasing number of elderly have trouble managing their own schedule. This makes them more dependent on their close relatives. Research shows that 1 out of 8 caregivers work over 80 hours a week. Also, there is an increasing number dependently living elderly and an increasing number of demented elderly. More and more the question … Continued

Lifestyle and Alzheimer – the relation between those concepts

8 July 2017

Research about the relation between lifestyle and Alzheimer In August 2016 the University of Los Angeles investigated the relationship between having a healthy lifestyle and Alzheimer. A healthy lifestyle decreases the build-up of proteins linked to the onset of the illness. 44 adults between the age of 40 and 85 with mild memory problems participated … Continued

Clockaid or DayClock? The benefits of a DayClock

8 July 2017

There are different types of clocks for dementia available, among others there are Dayclox and Clockaid; they visually display time to add to the structure in the life of older demented elderly.   Why choose DayClock? The basic functions of DayClock are the same as the clocks mentioned above, but DayClock has developed further in … Continued

Innovations for the elderly: Dayclock

2 January 2016

Due to budget cuts in health care elderly and chronically ill patients are forced to live at home for a longer period of time. Fortunately, a few innovative applications have been developed for treatment, guidance, monitoring and caregiving for this particular group. TrendITion is taking a critically look at the series of innovations concerning chronically … Continued