Logging in

This is the starting screen of the DayClocks app. You can log in with the credentials that we sent to you. The app can remember your password, so you do not have to log in every time you open the app. Please make sure to always write down your DayClocks login credentials.


Do you want to see what the app looks like? Then use Demo user and press: ‘create user’.

Activity overview / Share screen

Click on the ‘show’ button on the homescreen to see the current screen of the DayClock.

This is a good way to check from a distance if the WiFi connection on the Clock is working.

Video calling (only with the DayClock 10-Duo)

The administrator of the DayClock (usually the user’s daughter, son or caregiver) can initiate a video call with the user via the DayClock app. The user then sees a call on DayClock with the message “You will be called soon”, but does not have to do anything himself.

The administrator then establishes a video call connection via Google Duo. The user only has to accept the call once on the blue headphones and the video call connection is established.

After the video call, the administrator disconnects the video call and can restore the original image of the DayClock via the app (further instructions can be found on the website under user manual).

Regardless of how many minutes a day you use the video call feature, it doesn’t cost anything extra.


Here you can add activities to your DayClock. Previously planned messages are shown here as well. You can choose between a list- or calendar-view by clicking on the top right (Android) or left (Apple iOS).

Do you want to delete a message? Then swipe the image to the left and select the bin image.

With the green + button, you can add a new message or change the screen display of the DayClock.

You can also add new activities in the menu at the bottom (from left to right), add or view birthdays, change your settings or view additional options for your DayClock.


Here you can add a new message to your DayClock.

Here you can see an overview of all the appointments for the coming day or week. Go to the ‘activities’ menu and press the green button. Then choose the clock symbol. Now you can choose between the day- or week-view and choose the moment to start showing the chosen lay out of the Clock. This overview will be shown until you choose between the Digital, Analogue or Digital and Analog (preferred setting) and the requested implementation time.


You can also use the DayClocks app with multiple users. You can read more about it here.

Adding an activity

You can create a new message here and set the period it is visible on the DayClock.

These messages can also be recurring. Set a standard time for the cleaning service to come by, or a weekly coffee date. You can give activities a certain color, making activities even more recognizable for the user of the clock.

You can also add a sound effect to the clock. On the DayClock 10” you can even add a spoken message. It gives the user of the clock a clear sign that there is a new message or appointment and makes sure they do not forget to check the DayClock. Always discuss the possibility to use sound with the person using the DayClock. Some of our users love the options, others rather have it turned off.

Photo album

You can put together your own photo album for your loved ones. You can select a maximum of 50 photos and let them move from photo 1 to photo 2 to 3, etc. at the desired time interval. Read here how to create a photo album.

Adjusting Screen settings

Here you set the time and date view of the DayClock dementia clock. The available choices are:

  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Digital and Analog (Most used setting)
  • Day View
  • Week view

You also plan recurring messages here by checking the ‘Repeat’ box.


Click here to add birthdays. Add a photo to make the event extra fun and recognisable.

A great message tip to use: “Give Edward a call today, it’s his birthday!’

This way, your mother or father will never miss a birthday again.

Settings DayClock

Here you set the date of the clock. You can choose between analog, digital or both. After activating the menu protection, you use the ‘Settings’ button to reach the DayClocks menu.

To prevent the DayClock from showing any other than the clock and messages, you can lock the screen for the user. In the main setting menu you can activate this by clicking ‘Menu protection’. Choose ‘yes’ to lock the screen of the DayClock.

Now you can no longers change the screen via the DayClock itself. Please note that when you reset the clock, the screen protection is turned off. You have to lock it again in the DayClocks app.

Service / Log off

Here you can ask questions about the DayClock and DayCloc app, log out and see which version of the clock you have (important for potential updates). Sometimes an update will be needed to receive newly developed functionalities on the clock.

After restarting your DayClock dementia clock, the software version is also shown briefly in the starting screen.

Father and Daughter about the DayClock
Sandra Fox

We bought this clock for our mom and it wasn’t to replace anything as we see her everyday.
She is delighted with the clock.
She likes to know what day it is for herself the second she wakes up.
I wish some people would stop assuming that it’s to replace visiting your loved ones.
I would get one myself 😁