You can schedule an activity via the DayClocks calendar app or via the DayClock website. You must have a DayClock with a DayClock subscription. To enter an activity via your smartphone or tablet, you must install the DayClocks Calendar app:
  • Download and install the DayClocks Calendar app via Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS)
  • Log in with the username and password you received

Entering an activity

  • Under Today you can see the activities for that day and under Calendar you can see what is planned for each calendar date
  • Press the green plus sign at the top right of the menu bar to go to the Activities menu
  • Add/set the following settings:
    • Activity title (this will appear on the bar on the DayClock.
    • Start time and date (of the activity).
    • End time and date (of the activity).
    • Colour bar (on which the title appears).
    • Repetition (repetition frequency of the activity).
    • Media: here you have the option to select a photo, photo album or a
    • YouTube link. For a photo, a selection can be made from a folder of photos or a current photo can be taken with the smartphone’s camera. Photo albums can be created and saved with the Calendar app.

 To schedule a YouTube video, do the following:

  • Open YouTube app on the same device on which you installed the DayClocks Calendar app.
  • Select the desired video.
  • Press the Share button below the video.
  • Press the Copy Link or Copy button to copy the link of the video.
  • Open the DayClocks Agenda app.
  • Open an existing activity or open the activity menu to create a new activity.
  • Select YouTube from the Media setting (see figure 13).
  • Paste the link of the YouTube video into the input field.

Take into account the length of the ‘YouTube activity’ and the length of the YouTube video. If, for example, the activity is 20 minutes and the video is 5 minutes, the video will be repeated 4 times.

here you have the option to select speech (computer voice), audio or (your own) voice.

Message active
Your activities are set as active by default. However, you can use this button to (temporarily) set an activity to inactive (e.g. if a weekly recurring activity does not take place for a few weeks).

  • Press Save (top right) to save the activity.
 Your message will be sent to the DayClock within 1 minute and will appear on the DayClock on the date and time you have selected.
To delete activities, you can use the red “Delete” button at the bottom of the menu can be used.

Change DayClock display

(here you can change the display on the DayClock screen via the calendar app. The options are analogue, digital, a combination of both, the day view and the week view).


  • For example, if you have set the DayClock to analogue and digital by default and want to display the day view every day (e.g. every day between 08:00 and 08:30), go to Change day view and select Day view with daily repetition at 08:00. Then switch back to Daily view with daily repetition at 08.30 (and then back to digital and analogue). This way, your loved ones will see the day’s activities for half an hour at a time every day.

Checking the display

You can check the screen display of the DayClock with your smartphone. This allows you to check whether the DayClock is connected to the WiFi:
  • press “Today” in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
  •  press the green button with the image of a screen. You will now see the current screen display of the DayClock.

Video calls (only with the DayClock Generation10)

The operator of the DayClock (usually the user’s daughter, son or caregiver) can, for example, send a message with their photo to the DayClock with the text “Mum, I’ll call you at 3 pm for a video call” to announce a video call.  The video call icon in the DayClocks calendar app can then be used to establish a video call connection to the DayClock at 3 pm. A green call appears on the DayClock and then the connection is established without the end user having to touch the DayClock. After the video call, the administrator disconnects the video call by pressing the red call button in the app. At the same time, the DayClock returns to the original clock screen. 
However, if desired, the end user can also end the call by pressing the red button on the DayClock screen. In that case, the administrator in the Calendar app should also end the call by pressing the red call button in the app (so that the DayClock returns to the original DayClock screen).
Regardless of how many minutes per day you use the video call function, this costs nothing extra.

Photo album

A new feature on this page is that the first photo in the photo album is displayed

The number of photos in the album is also displayed.
You can compile your own photo album for your loved ones. To do this, you can select up to 50 photos and let them pass from photo 1 to photo 2, to photo 3, etc. at the desired intervals. Read more about how to create a photo album here.


  • If you have more than one DayClock (e.g. with your mother and your father-in-law), you can switch between the two DayClocks here
  • You can change your password here if you wish
Father and Daughter about the DayClock
Sandra Fox

We bought this clock for our mom and it wasn’t to replace anything as we see her everyday.
She is delighted with the clock.
She likes to know what day it is for herself the second she wakes up.
I wish some people would stop assuming that it’s to replace visiting your loved ones.
I would get one myself 😁