Your loved one sees all the information to get / keep a grip on the time at a glance:

  • The date
  • The time, the combination of analogue and digital (as shown above) or, if desired, exclusively analogue or digital.
  • The day part, (morning, afternoon, evening or night).
  • Video calling (only available on the DayClock10 duo); You can see and speak to your loved one very easily. You can establish a video call connection to DayClock at any time via your smartphone or laptop and end it yourself after the call.
  • The temperature, (indicates the temperature + sun, rain etc. in the city you specify. The weather conditions are adjusted every 2 hours.
  • The language, You can set the DayClock in the following languages: English, Dutch, Frisian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.
  • Screen lock: To prevent the possibility that unwanted screens appear (by mistake) when the DayClock is held, you can set up a screensaver. The screen can not be changed via the DayClock itself (with the exception of the on / off button).

The message and photo function are available when you use the DayClocks subscription (you will receive a username and password for logging in remotely on the DayClock of your loved one).

  • The message bar: Here you can place a greeting, a message, a scheduled appointment or a reminder for the user.
  • The photo album; Here you can place a photo of your choice that matches the message.
  • Examples and functions for the message bar:
Ergotherapists about the DayClock