8 July 2017

The system of DayClock is continuously updated, making sure the DayClock can be optimally used. The administrator of the activities, in most cases the caregiver, tries to keep his/her message as short as possible on the activity line. The content of the message should be clear in one glance and also seek the attention of the user. The text to fill in and the content of the text are dependent on the preferences of the user and it is the job of the system developer to take this into account. After feedback of our customers we have decided to develop a double text line. After the introduction of our newest software 11.0 the message can be transferred more clearly and more extensively. Up to 90 characters can be typed and automatically the addition of the second text line in the schedule will appear when necessary. To make it as convenient for you as possible, we also developed the ability to choose between one, long line or two separate lines. The second line will appear below the first line. The first line can, for example, state: “Grandmother, congrats with your birthday!” and the second line can state “Eva and Wim will visit you at 11 o’clock”. How does it work? 1. Enlarge your screen to “full screen”. 2. Align the first line of your acivity to the left. 3. Aling the second line of your activity to the right. 4. Fill in the intermediate space with spaces. This will be the result: