13 December 2015

Picture made by Marco de Swart

The 101-year old and member of PvdA Jacoba van Huissteden-Breukhoven was paid a visit by Major of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Ineke from Bunschoten-Spakenburg is family caregiver for her mother Jacoba, who is 101 years old and still lives independently, with some help, in her own apartment in Rotterdam. Every Wednesday Ineke drives back and forth from Bunschoten to Rotterdam to arrange the necessary coordination of the health care at sight. Changes within the health care make it hard for Ineke to for fill her task as family caregiver from a distance of 100 kilometre. The practical use of DayClock turned out to be the solution. Since September 1st 2015 a Digital version of DayClock connected to the Wi-Fi is situated in the home of mother Jacoba. With click on her computer, Ineke can deliver all necessary messages. For example when the domestic help is sick and her replacement will arrive on a different time, Ineke types this message in Bunschoten and the message will be displayed immediately on the display of the digital DayClock standing in Rotterdam in Jacoba’s home.