8 July 2017

A new option of the scheduling function is to voice a message*. How does it work? -Log in to our website with your username and password. – As usual, fill in the activity text that you want to have spoken out loud. – Next, fill in the starting date, end date and day. – Mark the option “Speech”. – Fill in the interval (number of seconds) between repetitions (for instance 30 seconds). – Fill in the number of repetitions (for example 3 times). – Choose a background colour for the entered activity. – If wanted, you can swipe an image to the display. – Choose save. The new activity is added as regular activity between the other activities and will be repeated 3 times with an interval of 30 seconds. Use this option modestly.


It is recommended to practise this option with the user to adjust for personal preferences. Instead of a spoken message, you can also add a ‘notification sound’, which can be repeated a number of times with a certain interval. Mark only the option “Sound”. Note: If you want to change an active activity, delete it entirely and add it again. Not for all future activities *


This is possible for all DayClock 10’’ from version 13.