Just like the DayClock 7, but bigger. Here too, the day, date, time and relevant part of the day are indicated. With the agenda and photo album function, there is even more support for everyone who needs structure.
The adapter and the standard are included.
Dimensions: 257 x 147 x 10 mm
The DayClock 10-Duo comes with speech functionality; the messages sent to the DayClocks can be spoken. The spoken message can be repeated in a frequency that you indicate in the dashboard.

With the DayClock10-Duo you can make video calls. You can see and speak to your loved one very easily. You can establish a video call connection to DayClock at any time via your smartphone or laptop and end it yourself after the call.

The agenda- and photo service

With the agenda- and photo service you are able to fully utilize the DayClock and its functions (via smartphone, laptop or desktop). You can manage the DayClock from a distance, make appointments/activities or add photos to the clock.

You will receive a login and password from DayClocks to protect the personal schedule of you and the person using the DayClock

Our service is free at the moment of purchase of the DayClock for the first 3 months. After 3 months, you will receive the request by e-mail to extend your subscription for under $7 a month.


Quad Cortex-A53 1,3 GHz
10 inches 16:10, 1024 * 600 ,Capacitive multitouch screen
Dimension (b x h x d):
257 x 147 x 10 mm
DayClock 10 Plus, USB-cable, adapter, stand and manual
DayClocks garanties that the goods are free of substantial material defects. DayClocks gives a 12 month warranty, only if the product has been used according to the manual. DayClocks can under no circumstance be held accountable for any incidental, special or circumstantial damage. Even if DayClocks was made aware of the possibility of such damage. The accountability of DayClocks, as far as it is present, for defect goods is limited to replacement, repair or restitution of the goods, however DayClocks sees fit in the situation.
Colour DayClock:
Black, White

DayClock 10-Duo

including 3 months agenda-, photo & video call service

$240,- one time, and
$73,- / year with a 3-month free trial

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DayClock 10

DayClock 10-Duo subscription for DayClock 10-Duo

  • Clear display of time, (part of) day & date

  • Easy to send messages & reminders

  • Show fun pictures to strengthen your messages

  • Video calling
  • Send spoken messages
  • Show weather forecast

  • An additional message row to give more information