Below are some possible causes / solutions for a black screen, depending on the type of DayClock.
1. Restart the DayClock.
2. The DayClock was not connected to the power supply for a long time, causing the internal battery to be discharged too much. The day clock switches on briefly, but then switches off again. Connect the adapter to the mains using the adapter supplied and restart the DayClock after approx. 30 minutes.
3. For Type 10, use an adapter with a lower ampere than the 5V 2A as supplied with the DayClock.
4. The DayClock connector is not pressed into the housing.
5. When the battery is charging, you will see a flash in the battery icon in the top right corner.
6. When starting, you will only see a large white battery. You must first start the DayClock without a mains connection and only then connect it to the mains.
7. The power switch is pressed too long when starting. This switches the DayClock off again. This needs to be released as soon as a logo appears on the screen.
8. You briefly pressed the on / off button so that the screen goes black and is in idle mode. Briefly press the power button again to restore the image.
9. You have activated the “Night rest” option and the corresponding period has not yet expired. Wait for the time to run out, or switch off or set the “night sleep”.
10. You have set both the “Text color” and the “Background color” to black. Restore the desired text color and background color to the desired value.