Overlapping agenda appointments possible on the DayClock

12 April 2018

One of the most important features of the DayClock with our subscription is the creation of activities and appointments that appear on the DayClock. Previously, it was not possible to overlap appointments when making activities / appointments in the Agenda; now that is no longer the case. How does it work? – You can plan … Continued

Double text line for the schedule

8 July 2017

The system of DayClock is continuously updated, making sure the DayClock can be optimally used. The administrator of the activities, in most cases the caregiver, tries to keep his/her message as short as possible on the activity line. The content of the message should be clear in one glance and also seek the attention of … Continued

Clock with scheduling function: Never forget a birthday again!

8 July 2017

It is easy to display a birthday on the right day with the scheduling function on your Dayclock by the following settings. Note: We presume your familiarity with importing a Google, Outlook or Android schedule. Add birthdays to your clock with scheduling function Go to your Google, Outlook or Android Schedule. 2. Export your calendar … Continued